Esther Boller, "Hear the Silence"

Esther Boller has won Scholastic Awards the past three years in a row, including Gold Keys in fashion and photography. She was also an American Visions nominee. In the video after the jump, Esther talks about her work, including an incredible video she created while at the Fort Wayne Museum of Arts’ Dedicated Summer Arts Program (which she attended as an ASAP Award winner!). You can see some of Esther’s work on her blog:
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Production still from the series Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season 5, Episode: Systems. © Art21, Inc. 2009.

Guest blogger Jonathan Munar, Manager of Digital Media and Strategy at Art21, writes about John Baldessari, recipient of of our 2011 Alumni Achievement Award.

“I don’t do anything, I just sit in my chair all day.” That is the response that John Baldessari gave to Art21 Executive Director Susan Sollins when she invited him to join the roster of artists for the fifth season of the Art21-produced PBS series, Art in the Twenty-First Century. Sollins’s response was, “Okay, you do that. Sit in your chair and we’ll film.”  “And it worked out just splendidly,” recalls Sollins.
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