Here at the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, we’re always on the look-out for exciting ways to encourage creative thinking. We recently stumbled upon Whyville, an online island off the coast of Southern California that offers visitors and residents access to virtual tropical reefs and ski slopes, games, theaters, museums, community centers, art projects and shopping. Users can go SCUBA diving, start their own fashion labels, organize events, and even learn math and science through playing games. Even better, earn clams along the way. Read More

Swing by the Brooklyn Museum to see two solo shows bought to you by alumni of The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Abdi Farah and Andy Warhol are two generations of artists – one established, one emerging – whose works will inspire you to go running after for YOUR fifteen minutes of fame. Read More

I’m part of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers’ External Relations team and work with a number of different fundraising and communications initiatives. As someone who spends hours writing and researching every week, there’s times I find myself stuck on an idea or even suffering from acute WBS (Writer’s Block Syndrome). An artist or writer can spend many solitary hours refining their craft, but I’ve found that getting together with a group of like-minded people can jump-start the creative process or even save it from flatlining. July being “creative get-togethers month,” I want to share a few of my favorite people who have leveraged their talents to combine teamwork with ingenuity. So while it’s hard to imagine the way you love to paint or the quirky way you think could change the world, the truth is that it might.

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