You Can't Escape the truth, Painting by Sydney Fleisher, Grade 10, Age 15.

You Can’t Escape the Truth, Painting by Sydney Fleisher, Grade 10, Age 15.

Do you have a strong point of view about political or social matters? Are you really interested in what’s happening in the news and want to make your voice heard? Well, great news! To encourage students to use their voices, the Scholastic Awards offers two new and exciting opportunities!
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Taylor Jones. Dear Photograph. Age 18. 2013 Silver Medal, Photography.

What does America look like to teenagers today? To answer this question Lens is inviting high school students across the country to create a 21st century portrait of America by turning their cameras on their neighborhoods, families, friends, and schools. Teens, ages 14 to 18, from all areas — whether you live in a rural, suburban, or urban community — are eligible to submit photos to the “My Hometown” project.

The resulting collection of photographs will be shown in an interactive gallery that will be sortable by geography and theme. Lens will also highlight select images in a series of posts on their blog, and many of the photos will be archived at the Library of Congress! How awesome is that?

Interested students must submit photos here under the supervision of a photography class teacher or program instructor by the May 1, 2013. For details on how to submit, check out  this Lens Blog post or email

Have fun snapping away!