Laura Fennessy, 1942, Grade 10, Age 15, Auburn High School, Auburn, NY

Last year, with The Gedenk Movement, co-founded by CEO Miri Ben-Ari, Grammy award-winning violinist and producer, we launched The Gedenk Award for Tolerance. We saw so many powerful and stunning works! The Gedenk Award for Tolerance saw an unprecedented number of submissions in its first year, many students created original works of art and writing to show the importance of cultivating tolerance and safeguarding a peaceful society, based on the lessons learned from the Holocaust and other genocides.

We’re excited to see what is submitted by students for the 2015 Awards, and are sure that the examples from last year will serve as inspiration. Take a peek at all of last year’s Gedenk Award for Tolerance recipients! You can even hear from some of the medalists themselves. Read More