Min Jung Son, Love Me Not, Grade 12, Age 19
Gold Medal, American Visions Award, 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this special day we would like to share some poems from past Scholastic Art & Writing Award winners. We hope you enjoy these beautiful words and find the inspiration to write your own poem today!


Letter from Orfeo to his Lover. Guisa, Cuba. 1959.

They say the snake has eyes of glass,
that trees of royal ebony shudder to life and hum
morbid tales, but I know better. I know the serpent’s
fangs. I know that black bark breaks under bullets
when compañeros (Borrachos, sin vergüenza) stoop
under boredom. I know the sap-stained edge
of the machete’s blade. I know the stench of mud,
bubbling beneath boots, when we sink and steep
in it after the crazed chirping of máquina guns
and the tremulous roars of bombas break the air.
The revolution rattles on and drags my scarred limbs with it. Read More

Luis Jimenez, Fiesta-Jarabe, 1991-97, fiberglass with jet aircraft finish.  Image Credit: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Luis Jiménez, Fiesta-Jarabe, 1991-97, fiberglass with jet aircraft finish. Credit: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Today is sculptor Luis Jiménez’s birthday! Jiménez, an artist of Mexican descent, is best-known for his brightly colored sculptures depicting scenes from the American Southwest and Mexico. His work has been represented in many private and institutional art collections around the country, including the El Paso Museum of Art, the Chicago Art Institute, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian Art Museum.

As a child, Jiménez witnessed lively music and dance festivals in his El Paso community. He also worked in his father’s neon-sign making shop, where he was inspired by the bright hues. These early experiences helped develop his artistic style, which led him to receive Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in 1957 and 1958 while he was in high school! Read More

Mel Bochner – Measurement Shadow, 1969 via Peter Freeman Inc.

Mel Bochner. Measurement Shadow, 1969 via Peter Freeman Inc.

If you’re in New York City this summer, be sure to visit Scholastic Awards alum Mel Bochner’s Proposition and Process: A Theory of Sculpture (1968 – 1973) at Peter Freeman, Inc. in SoHo, now extended through July 12. This striking exhibition features 18 of Bochner’s works produced during the beginning of his career – just 10 years after he received his Award in 1958 at the age of 18. Bochner was among the first conceptual artists to create art in which the walls of the gallery are the subject, and this show is no exception. Each piece interacts and alters this looming storefront space, and compels the viewer to look, read and think simultaneously.
Read More

Nick Espinosa at work. Photo Credit: Danny Guy

Ordinary things in weird situations,” explains Nicholas Espinosa, pointing at his Scholastic Award-winning sculpture. That’s how “Xanthous,” (Greek for yellow) came to be: but it was just the beginning of Nick’s summer adventure.

“It’s a regular fire hydrant, but it’s twisted up as if it’s going to take off into the air,” notes Espinosa, a rising junior at Coral Reef High School in Miami. And take off it did, lifting him up and transporting him cross-country from South Florida to spend three weeks making art at Interlochen Arts Camp in rural Michigan! Read More

Max Seiler dropping of his Award-winning sculpture, Traverse, for the ART.WRITE.NOW National Exhibition.

Who knew that a sculpture made of suitcases could merit a Gold Medal? Eighteen-year-old Max Seiler packed his bags into a 2012 Award-winning sculpture, Traverse. Now a senior at Bethlehem Central Senior High School in Delmar, NY, Max decided to enter his work again this year after winning five regional awards in 2011 from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. We had the opportunity to chat with him when he visited the Alliance to hand-deliver Traverse for the ART.WRITE.NOW National Exhibition. You can see it too, along with other Gold Award-winning work, at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons The New School for Design from June 1–16. Read More