Caroline Drew. Galaxy Box. Grade 12, Age 17. 2012 Silver Medal, Photography.

Guest post by Alliance staffer Scott Larner

When I was fourteen, my grandmother bought me a collection of 50 leather bound books from The Easton Press, called Masterpieces of Science Fiction. This left little hope that I wouldn’t spend the next few decades of my life daydreaming of outer space and aliens. I was charmed by imaginative tales in Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, enthralled with the raucous adventures of Gully Foyle in Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination, and captivated by the Galaxy-spanning political intrigue in Frank Herbert’s Dune.

The monsters and violence brought me in and kept me reading, but as I got older and started thinking more critically about what I read, I realized there had been more at work in those books. Read More