No Sharing, Printmaking by Bronwyn Katz, Grade 12, Age 18, Paideia School, Atlanta, GA. Gold Medal Art Portfolio

No Sharing, Printmaking by Bronwyn Katz, Grade 12, Age 18, Paideia School, Atlanta, GA. Gold Medal Art Portfolio

Every year, the Scholastic Awards partner with organizations to provide scholarship opportunities for our students. Through the support of our sponsors, the Scholastic Awards offer more than $250,000 in direct scholarships to students, with additional scholarship money available through our Scholarship Partners. Here are the scholarships available through the Scholastic Awards for 2018:

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It may still be winter, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about summer! The Scholastic Awards have partnered with many organizations, colleges, and institutes to offer our students low-cost or free admission to some of the best summer art and writing programs across the country for teens.  Read More

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Path, Fashion by Xiaofan Qu, Grade 12, Age 18, St. John’s International School, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Path, Fashion by Xiaofan Qu, Grade 12, Age 18, St. John’s International School, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards partners with many organizations to bring more opportunities for recognition and scholarships to students. We’re proud to announce that we have two new partners to provide additional awards and scholarships for 2016! Read More

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Read Between the Lines by Emma Rudd, Mixed Media, Grade 12, Age 18, Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, TN.

Read Between the Lines by Emma Rudd, Mixed Media, Grade 12, Age 18, Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, TN.


The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have had the chance to partner with many organizations over the years to bring additional scholarships and opportunities to our students. We’re proud to announce some very special new sponsors for the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Neiman Marcus, RBC Capital Markets, and The Herb Block Foundation.

Of particular note this year is a new category in the Awards: Editorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block Foundation, which invites submissions of drawings, illustrations, comic art, and animations with a political theme or message. Check out the flyer below for more information about all the new opportunities for students, and visit our website to explore all of our Sponsored Awards. Read More

It’s almost time for summer! Time to attack your summer reading list, go swimming, attend camp, drive your parents crazy, work on your art, finish your novel, catch up on Jersey Shore…or research scholarships for college. Huh?!

Well, the truth is, college tuition is at an all-time high. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach: in fact, every year, millions of dollars of financial aid go unused. In addition to applying to programs like The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, there are tons of other programs and resources to help support a college education. Even if you aren’t a graduating senior this year, it doesn’t hurt to start early and learn more about the resources that are out there. Most scholarships will include an application process and involve deadlines, but the process doesn’t have to be boring. Do some research by a pool, enjoy an hour of air conditioning, sit back and relax with a glass of lemonade, try to find some of the weirdest scholarships you can and think about using some of the following tips and tricks.

That money has to go to someone, so why not you?

A Few Tips For Finding Scholarships:

1. Put Google to work for you. Think about the types of opportunities you want to hear about and subscribe to Google Alerts to send you weekly updates. For example, if you’re thinking about attending an art program in a particular region or for a particular subject, think about key words like “painting scholarship,” “financial aid artists,” or “Boston scholarships.”

2. Beyond grades and academics, what are your hobbies or skills? Do you do a lot of environmental work, knit, write for your school newspaper, volunteer at a local soup kitchen or play a sport? A lot of scholarships are geared towards students involved in specific activities, so don’t rule those out from your search.

3. There are hundreds of scholarships out there, so focus on the ones that you’re best qualified to pursue by creating a list. A targeted search will save you time.

4. Volunteer work may be unpaid, but it can have a valuable payback. Several organizations, such as Americorps, reward volunteers with financial aid scholarships for college; community organizations also frequently offer scholarship opportunities to teen volunteers. Even the Michigan Llama Association offers scholarship opportunities for eligible students.

5. What’s your background? Descendants of almost any ethnic, religious or national background may find specific scholarships geared towards them. There are scholarships for everyone from Armenian to Welsh and scholarships are sometimes available through local churches, mosques, temples and synagogues.

6. Let your teachers know you’re researching scholarships. They may know of other opportunities and this will give you a head start as some scholarship programs require letters of recommendation from teachers.

7. When doing a search on the Internet for college scholarships, try to diversify your keywords. Instead of just typing in “art scholarship,” make a list of different ways to phrase that and enter them as your search terms. Also consider adding words like “award,” “contest,” “competition,” and “resources” – a lot of competitions offer scholarships as a prize.

You never know what you’ll reel in. Happy searching!

Image, above: “Say What?!” Artist: Alyssa White, Grade 12. Painting. 2010 Silver Medal.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are a top resource for college-bound artists and writers, but we’re not the only scholarship program out there. There’s a ton of opportunities available if you have a little time and an Internet connection, plus more specialized ones if you’re tall, if you’re a vegetarian or if you speak fluent Klingon. Even your duck calling talents can help you win financial aid for school! Each year, millions of dollars in financial aid goes unused. Here’s a list of some unique college scholarships. Stay tuned for tips on how to identify new opportunities and helpful resources.

Top Picks of Fun and Unusual Scholarships

1. The Chick & Sohpie Memorial Scholarship Duck Calling contests award over $4,000 in scholarships to high school seniors who can demonstrate the four major duck calls in 90 seconds (as ordained by the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest).

2. Got Milk? The SAMMY (Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year) Scholarship offers college prizes to scholar athletes with top leadership skills, grades and milk mustaches.

3. The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship rewards vegetarians who have demonstrated courage and compassion in the face of carnivorous oppression…or something. Two $5,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors who are committed to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian lifestyle.

4. The tall have it all, including the possibility to apply for $1,000 scholarships from Tall Clubs International.

5. Two out-of-this world scholarships caught our eye: writers who participate in our science fiction and fantasy category and artists with a flare for the fantastic should take a look at the L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest. For Star Trek fans with an interest in linguistics, the Kor Memorial Scholarship recognizes and encourages scholarship in fields of language study (knowledge of Klingon helpful but not required).

6. The American Sheep Industry Association sponsors the National Make it Yourself with Wool Competition – with cash awards for works of art produced with wool. To learn about this year’s winners, click here.

And don’t forget to take a look at more strange and unusual scholarships here. Remember, being unique doesn’t only make you special…it can also make you eligible for financial aid for college!

Photo, above: Dowlde Sports Inc. Instructional CD: “The Art of Duck Calling,” B.C. Dowdle.