Viewing work at the Albuquerque stop of the Art.Write.Now.Tour

Guests viewing the work on display at the Albuquerque stop of the Art.Write.Now.Tour

The Scholastic Awards national office is dedicated to growing affiliates across the country, including the Southwest! Here’s the latest on the New Mexico Region and its new art award program!

As we’ve reported, the Art.Write.Now.Tour, the national student exhibit of selected Gold Medal winners, just finished its run at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, which brought about awareness and generated excitement for the program. Two students from New Mexico who currently have their work in the Tour represented their home state. School field trips were coordinated to view the exhibit, and some school commitments had been made to participate in the program as an art course requirement. Read More

Bronx Revolution

Calling all who live in the greater NYC area: have you heard about the Bronx Revolution? On Saturday, October 5 you can learn all about it—for free!—at Bronx’s own and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards’ NYC affiliate Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education.

What: The Bronx Revolution and the Birth of Hip-Hop

When:  3:30 PM, Saturday October 5

Where: Casita Maria, 928 Simpson Street, Bronx, NY

How: Take the 2 train to Simpson Street and walk one block to Casita, or take the 6 to Hunts Point and it’s two blocks south!

Why: Grandwizzard Theodore, Grandmaster Caz, Rokafella, BG183 from Tats Cru will all be performing, followed by a cipher with the cast and pioneer DJs, MCs, B-boys and B-girls!

This fabulous event is part of the South Bronx Culture Trail (SBCF) Festival, which takes place from October 2—9. For more information about this event and others, visit Casita Maria’s Facebook page! Read More

Urim Apocalypse. Lincoln. Grade 8, Age 12. 2011 Gold Key, Drawing.

It’s often difficult to fully grasp the substantial impact of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Every year, as thousands upon thousands of middle and high school students enter the competition, amazing stories of personal journeys, creativity, and recognition emerge. This is one of those stories.

Urim Apocalypse is an unusually talented student with an unusual name. He came to the United States in 2010 after fleeing Africa as a refugee. He was born and grew up in Congo, and moved to Ethiopia for four years before coming to America. It was in Ethiopia that he began to learn English. But when he moved to Aurora, Colorado in the fall of 2010, the then 12-year-old was still learning the language. Read More

2013 Regional Scholastic Award Winners from the Colorado Art Region receiving their certificates

The Scholastic Awards national office is located in New York City, but our Regional Affiliates can be found around the country. Here’s the scoop on our Colorado Regional Art Affiliate and the people behind them!

The Colorado Art Region has been an integral part of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards since 1948, and continues to help talented, yet underserved, students throughout the state. The region is supported by the Colorado Art Education Association (CAEA) and has been administered by Pam Starck at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) for the past 10 years.

Pam took the Colorado regional affiliate to another level by raising over $300,000 in 2011 for the state-wide Scholastic Art Awards, and increasing awareness of the importance of creativity in our schools through the Awards program. Her advocacy has contributed to the increased participation of 4,494 entries last year! Read More

Guest post by Alliance staffer Katie Babick, Manager of External Relations

On a lovely Friday in late January, I had the opportunity to visit Springs Preserve, home to the Alliance’s Southern Nevada regional affiliate. Jessica Hougen, who runs the regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for Southern Nevada and is the Assistant Curator at Springs Preserve, gave me a tour and told me what it is like to run the program in her corner of the world.

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Brianna Drinsky, "Deeply Rooted." Grade 8, Age 13. 2011 Gold Medal, Digital Art.

Gold Key Winner Lydia asked Ned about comparing your work to others and having it shared with the world.

Lydia Asked:

I enjoy writing because it is my way of expressing myself and getting things out there.  I wrote a short story for the art and writing award and got a regional gold key.  As I was looking at all the winners, I got discouraged because how do I know if mine is any good?  I want to be published some day- and hopefully someday I can turn my short story into a novel.  How old do you have to be for all of that to work?  How does all of it work? Where did you start?  I really want my story to be heard by the world.
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