Rebekah Isaacs spends most of her days at her drafting table, hanging out with super heroes and her cat, Fantastic Doughnut. As a professional comic book artist, she works ten- to twelve- hour days creating art and layouts for a variety of titles and projects for major publishers like Marvel and DC Comics. Isaacs will be evaluating Comic Art entries in this year’s Scholastic Art Awards. We recently caught up with her to ask her about her secret origins, her work in the comics biz and her favorite superpower.


Rebekah at her desk with feline sidekick Fantastic Doughnut.

AYAW: You’re a comic book artist. Does that mean you really get to sit around reading comic books all day?

REBEKAH: You might think so, but I hardly get time to read comics, and I’ve heard other comics creators say the same. Our schedules are usually just too demanding to allow for a lot of reading time. Most artists work 8-12 hours a day (my average day is usually 10-12 hours). Although it’s lots of fun, I like to spend my few free hours with friends, since I work from home as many artists do. But that also means I can work in my pajamas! Read More