Anatomical Dissemblance- #3

Anatomical Dissemblance #3, Omar Wiseman

The work of Hannah Richter and Omar Wiseman seems to ask all of us to pause, for just a moment, and appreciate the world around us. These artists want to touch others with their work and for people to walk away with the memory of their drawings and words saved for another day. They use twists of phrases and shifting lines to turn the simple pleasures of life into something much more poignant. Read More


Again and Again and Again (detail), 168” x 72” Adobe Photoshop, Digital Print, Polaroid / Emulsion Transfer

Country, family, community, beliefs, race, cultural norms and accepted behaviors: we are born into this world with many of these factors pre-determined for us. So what’s a teenager to do? As Portfolio Medalists Patrick Zapien and Jackson Trice see it, there’s just one choice: to rebel.

For Jackson, a born-and-bred Southerner, “I Should Be Leaving” deals with how she feel s about her place in the world, coming of age, and the natural urge to revolt that comes with it.

“It goes back to this central question I’ve posed for myself which is: what makes me want to rebel?” she reflects. “Perhaps it is in my blood. And perhaps, I dare to say, I am okay with it.” Read More


The eight Writing Portfolio Gold Medalists with alum Hannah Jones

This post originally appeared on Scholastic’s On Our Minds blog. By Brittany Sullivan.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Carnegie Hall award ceremony is just two days away! Last week, we took a closer look at this year’s outstanding eight Portfolio Gold Medal artists, who, in addition to winning $10,000 scholarships, are well on their way to following in the footsteps of famous Scholastic Awards alumni such as Andy Warhol, Philip Pearlstein and Zac Posen.

Before the National Celebrations begin in New York City tomorrow, let us introduce you to the talented eight Portfolio Gold Medal writers of the 2014 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. These storytellers captivated regional and national judges with their wild imaginations and powerful emotions – communicated through short stories, poems and memoirs. We can’t wait to meet them here in New York City! Read More


Renal by Madison Brownson. Age 17, Grade 12. 2014 Gold Medal, Art Portfolio.

Hanel Baveja and Madison Brownson both create to help bring a new level of awareness to our lives and our bodies. While Hanel’s “greatest hope for my work is that my poems strike a chord of shared existence” with her readers, Madison’s “hope is to make the viewer pause and realize the beautiful complexity of their own anatomy or the world around them.” Both artists aim to awaken their audience to the intricacies of the world we share.

In honor of National Poetry Month, here is a selection from Hanel’s Award-winning portfolio, comprised entirely of poetry! You can also see more of Madison’s plush organs below!

When Clark’s Ice Cream Parlor first opened

Combinations we’d never even dreamed of.
Names too long to remember:
Dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry
cheesecake pieces and caramel bonbons,
sweet cream ice cream with bumbleberry
compote and jordan almond fudge chunks. Read More

Jacket - Greg Dugdale

Jacket by Greg Dugdale, Age 18 (recycled scrap vinyl, poly cotton lining)

Off the Box by Greg Dugdale, Age 18. Materials: recycled plastic box ties, grommets, tie-dyed muslin, hoop skirt

Off the Box by Greg Dugdale (recycled plastic box ties, grommets, tie-dyed muslin, hoop skirt)

The spark of genius, the spring of inspiration…where and how do they begin? This summer we will profile our 2013 Portfolio Gold Award winners and let you draw your own conclusions! Without further ado, please meet our inaugural pair: artist Greg Dugdale and writer Anna Xie.

Greg Dugdale grew up in Carmel, IN, and this fall he will study fashion design at the Savannah College of Art & Design. His motto might well be reduce, reuse, recycle and rejoice: “Art can breathe life into ordinary recyclables. I created a chevron party dress out of colorful vinyl awning, a tapestry of paper pattern pieces sewn together, a whimsical dress composed of Coke cans and cardboard, a dress made of box ties attached to dyed fabric, a colorful ball gown completely knitted by hand, and more. The overall theme for my portfolio is a new idea of sustainable development: wearable art.”
Read More

This edited post originally appeared on Scholastic’s On Our Minds blog. By Morgan Baden.

This time of year is always exciting because we start to hear from teenagers across the country as they anxiously await news about the Scholastic Awards. Today, the 2013 National Award winners were officially announced!

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the country’s longest-running and most prestigious award and recognition program for creative teenagers, and this year is its 90th anniversary! In addition to 1,600+ of the most talented and ambitious students in grades 7-12 chosen to receive national medals, 15 high school seniors were honored with a Portfolio Gold Award, the highest level of achievement in the Scholastic Awards — which, apart from providing much-deserved recognition to these talented teens, also provides them with a $10,000 cash scholarship! Read More