Nicole Valmana. Smile for the Rhino. Grade 8, Age 14. 2012 Silver Medal, Drawing.

There is a lot of confusion about image resolution — what is DPI? What is PPI? How do you calculate them and why do they matter?

Here’s a case-study:
Let’s say you want to print a digital image to a size 4×6 inches. What should be the dimensions for your digital image?

The first thing to know is that 300 DPI (dots-per-inch), is the standard “print-quality” resolution: let’s work backwards from there. Read More

Yes, the autumn leaves are falling here in New York, but if you’re an aspiring high school filmmaker, photographer, dancer, jazz artist or simply multi-talented, this is the season to spring into action! Future Artists of the New York City area (that includes all boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut…you get it, as long as your distance from NYC is “commutable”) are invited to attend an open house at NYU Tisch on September 22, 2012. If you can’t make it, read all about it and apply here for one of the five fabulous free programs that will take place on Saturdays from February to May 2013.  Don’t dilly-dally—the deadline is October 15! For more information, please visit

By Adam Ali, 2012 Gold Key winner and ASAP Award recipient

Adam Ali, a rising senior from Chicago, IL, will be the first to tell you he’s a city boy. Yet this young photographer is keen to show others neither soaring skylines nor the picture-postcard views his commercial peers capture. Instead, Adam uses his lens to highlight little-noticed aspects of urban environments.

I’d like the viewers to notice what they usually ignore,” he says, “To be reminded of what they’ve abandoned.” Read More

Chelsea Borsack. Connected. Grade 12, Age 17. 2012 Gold Medal, Photography Portfolio.

We’re back with another pair of Portfolio Gold Medal winners from the 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! We’re delighted to introduce you to Chelsea Borsack and Lashanda Anakwah:

Chelsea, age 17, of Oceanside, NY uses photography to illustrate the similarities between natural human emotions and inanimate forms. Each of her pieces pairs a portrait and either a natural or man-made structure. “The aesthetic of each of the latter emits an emotion similar to that of each individual. We often overlook our surroundings and their impact, but it is our surroundings which are largely responsible for our emotions.”

Lashanda, also age 17, of Bronx, NY enjoys experimenting with different genres of writing (such as Journalism, Poetry, and Short Story) and learning how to be flexible with “this wonderful” craft. Her Writing Portfolio includes unconventional topics like her toes and plastic surgery. She explains, “I find it necessary to also talk about the everyday things that many people overlook, while trying to tackle big themes. The common aspects of life are so extraordinary!” Read More

Hiokit lao. Camera Cloud. Age 17, Grade 12. 2012 Gold Medal, Digital Art.

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers is hiring alumni photographers to document our National Celebration on Saturday, June 2 from 9am – 5pm in New York City! Recent winners will be considered. Please submit your resume, a link to your online portfolio, and an estimated price for one day’s work to no later than 12noon on Friday, May 25.  We look forward to seeing your work!

No phone calls please.

Jessica Bonaventure. Parallel Universes. Grade 12, Age 17. 2011 American Visions Award, Mixed Media.

Here at Scholastic headquarters in SoHo (NY), we’re used to being around a lot of artwork. A lot. Each of the twelve floors in this building is adorned with hundreds of award-winning artworks that span all 89 years of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program.

As the keepers of this collection, we at the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers wanted to know what Scholastic employees really wanted to see in the spaces and halls that they work in and pass by every day. So, we developed Scholastic Curates as a way to find out.

Read More