From Alliance Summer Intern Rick Morgan:
As an intern with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, I’ve read some great examples of teen writing, and this piece was one of many that stuck out for me. This two-page short short story thrusts the reader into the middle of a dialogue that reveals the past through subtlety and implication. The dialogue in this piece is coupled by an array of minor actions that give the two characters away. The man’s smile, most noticeably, is an uneasy attempt to cloud grief with a fabricated feeling of indifference. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this story is the writer’s use of metaphor. Take, for example, the sentence, “Rocío García Sanchez lives on his back; she is a heavy pair of wings that do not inspire flight.” Though it’s a short piece, a startling amount is revealed about the characters by the end. Their pasts are intimately felt, and their futures are left to your imagination. Read More

An update from the trenches from our summer intern, Rick Morgan.

Despite what some might think, working for the Alliance isn’t always the fast-paced, rockstar lifestyle people imagine. I know that’s why I signed up for this internship, and I certainly did get a full serving of the adrenaline-fueled dream during my first week preparing for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Ceremony. The work we do, however, isn’t always full of parties with celebrities like Mel Bochner. The majority of the year is busy outreaching to students and teachers to encourage participation. Read More

Every month, we’ll be selecting written student works to feature on our blog. Our summer intern, Amherst College Junior Rick Morgan, selected this month’s poem, Oyster.

“Sorry this office looks like a bomb went off in the middle of it. It’s just that time of year,” my supervisor said to me on my first day working at the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. My junior year at Amherst College had ended just two weeks earlier, but the time for summer relaxation had already passed. My internship with the Alliance began on June 1st, and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall was only 8 days away. There was a lot of work to be done, and the whole “It’s only my first week” excuse wasn’t going to pull any weight around the office. Read More