Khanh Tran. Untitled. Grade 12, Age 17. 2013 Silver Medal, Painting.

Khanh Tran. Untitled. Grade 12, Age 17. 2013 Silver Medal, Painting.

Consider the word “playwright.” It suggests a wordsmith who uses both innovation and craft, and often fuses poetry and prose for an end product that is not for the faint-hearted: it’s interpreted…out loud…in front of an audience!

We asked playwright and 2013 Scholastic Awards Gold Medalist Phillip Anastassiou to discuss his process and his play Two Men Alike, in which an extremely talkative man and a deaf-mute find themselves stuck in a cave. What inspired him, and what advice can he offer to aspiring playwrights for the 2014 Scholastic Awards? In his own words:

Heroes and Influences…
I am seriously attracted to the aesthetic of absurdist drama. Beckett and Ionesco are my heroes. Waiting for Godot is almost sacred. My objective in writing Two Men Alike was to depict the constant struggle to seek intrinsic purpose in life and the inevitable failure to do so. Read More

Morgan Iser. Friends and Feathers. Grade 8, Age 14. 2012 Silver Medal, Painting.

As part of START.WRITE.NOW, we’ll be highlighting some of our Scholastic Art & Writing Awards categories on our blog this summer. Today, we’re focusing on Dramatic Script! Read on for an except from one of this year’s Gold Medal-winning plays and learn more about how to submit to this category at the bottom of this post.

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Caridad Svich was a National Juror for the Dramatic Script category during the 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Check out what she has to say about what inspires her as a playwright. We hope her words will encourage you to stay creative this summer and START.WRITE.NOW!

As a playwright, songwriter, editor and translator living between many cultures, including inherited ones, the idea of departure has always been not only an actual or metaphorical basis for writing the work, but also an idea made manifest through the enactment of writing, its performance, and my living of it. Read More