Cagney Krzywosinski. You Do Dolls. Grade 12, Age 17. 2012 Gold Medal, Design.

Guest post by Alliance staffer Courtney Buckland

Design is one of my favorite categories, and it is sadly underrepresented in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. While I was studying graphic design, my dream was to design product packaging and book covers. The design of a product can be the one factor that makes me buy one product over another. Almost every time I grab a bar of chocolate, it is the design of the package that will grab my attention and get me to buy it. The same thing applies to my book purchases. I can’t even imagine how many good books I have passed over because the cover didn’t catch my eye.

Some of the most interesting design submissions I saw for the 2012 Scholastic Awards were handmade toys, beautiful stationary, calendars, and movie posters. Two of my favorites from this year are You Do Dolls by Cagney Krzywosinski (above) and a stationary set by Emily Collins (below).  There are so many things we use every day that need to be designed, making this category so much fun! Read More