Robert Lauer. Basil's Quest. Grade 12, Age 17. 2012 Gold Medal, Video Games.

As part of this summer’s START.WRITE.NOW, we’re featuring the What’s Your Story video game design challenge in partnership with Gamestar Mechanic. Video games often involve rich narratives that lead players along in their game play and give them hints, ideas and goals to achieve. Can you tell a story through your game design? Give it a shot! The deadline for this challenge is August 15, 2012. Read More

As the school year comes to an end and the days get warmer, we urge you to stay creative in the summer months! In fact, we hope you will START.WRITE.NOW. We’ll give you tips on fun things to do and places to go, a spot to share photos of your creations, and the opportunity to win prizes for your art and writing. Read More

The American National Tree at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

As every writer and reader knows, words have power: to express important ideas, beliefs and feelings; to explain the world; even to create a nation. Nearly two hundred and twenty five years ago, on September 17, 1787, delegates to the Philadelphia Convention signed a pivotal piece of writing that formed the basis of our nation—the Constitution. Across the nation and in Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center, each September 17 Constitution Day marks that momentous event.

The American National Tree, a popular exhibit at the Constitution Center, tells the stories of 100 Americans whose actions have helped write the story of the Constitution. On September 17, a new story will be added—and you may be its scholarship-winning author!

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers invites all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders who have earned Gold Keys in The Scholastic Writing Awards to enter the 2012 M.R. Robinson National Constitution Center American National Tree Award. To do so, submit a biographical essay about one of the historically important Americans listed at the bottom of the page. Read More

Photo Credit: The Adroit Journal. Samantha Marcus, Turn to Clear Vision. Grade 11, New Canaan, CT.

Hi! My name is Peter LaBerge. I am a seventeen-year-old high school student born and raised in Connecticut. This year, I received a Gold Medal in Poetry and a Silver Medal in Flash Fiction from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. I also received the 2012 Elizabeth Bishop Prize in Verse as well as the 2011 Renee Duke Youth Award from Poets for Human Rights.

In November 2010, I founded The Adroit Journal, a literary magazine for all ages with a special leaning towards the work of young writers and global human rights issues. The journal has claimed over 1,300 submissions from writers and artists across the creative spectrum—from college students in New York City to retired farmers living on the Spanish coast. Read More

This post originally appeared in Scholastic’s On Our Minds blog on November 21, 2011.

Who is known for writing these words? Why, Sylvia Plath, of course! She became a famous poet, novelist, short story writer, and is known for writing her first poem at the age of eight. However, did you know that Sylvia also won an Art & Writing Award in her teen years?

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers has a long legacy of being the first to recognize the talent of future literary greats. On Monday, we made an exciting announcement about a new way to honor creativity in teens — specifically, America’s teen poets.

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People's Choice Prize

We’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the creative things everyone was been up to this summer on START.WRITE.NOW. From the imaginative contributions to the collaborative story to the inspired pictures you’ve shared with us on Flickr, it’s been wonderful to have so many participate in this fun summer initiative. We’re about to take it a step further. Submit your photos to our online contest – you could be our first People’s Choice winner!
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