Mel Bochner, Amazing!, 2011. Courtesy of Peter Freeman, Inc.

The National Gallery of Art’s “In the Tower” exhibition series celebrates developments in art since the mid-century. On view now through April 8, 2012, the series plays host to 43 thesaurus-inspired paintings and drawings that span 45 years of Mel Bochner’s career, many of which are on view for the very first time.

Mel Bochner (Scholastic Awards winner, 1958) is best-known for his groundbreaking work in conceptual art, creating pieces that compel the viewer to look, read and think simultaneously.

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Adroit Journal. Fabio Rodrigues, Awkward, Right?. Grade 11, Tampa, FL. Photography.

Hello! My name is Peter LaBerge. I am a tenth grader living in Connecticut. I have a passion for writing that was born entirely by coincidence. My first poem was written a year ago as the result of a mandatory deadline for a school-wide literary magazine. If I hadn’t been required to submit writing, I doubt I would call myself a writer today.
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On May 31 2011, the Alliance will honor John Baldessari with an Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award. John Baldessari has become one of the best-known figures in American conceptual art. As a student in National City, California, Baldessari experimented with pastels and watercolors, but it wasn’t until he picked up a camera in high school that his art finally became noticed. “I guess I was good, because there was something called the National Scholastic Art Award in the US, and my art teacher encouraged me to enter. At that time I was experimenting with photography, so I put in a photograph, and I won. That’s where it all began,” John Baldessari remembers in a 2009 interview with European art magazine Tate Etc. Read More

Concept artists work across diverse industries – automotive, video games, animation, theater, movies and toys – to bring ideas to life. Recently, Senior Concept Artist Chris Bourassa at Vancouver-based Propaganda Games shared some of his tips for emerging artists interested in working on concept art for video games and film. Read More