Ford Town, USA 1960 by Laurel Taylor. Age 16, Grade 11, Cincinnati, OH.

Duck Tape® has always been known as a fix-all for DIY repairs, but with the addition of colors and prints this once utilitarian tool has quickly become a craft medium that is both unique and accessible. Sponsored by Duck Tape®, this award encourages new forms of creativity, individuality and personal expression. One award of $500 is presented to a student that expresses their artistic skills using Duck Tape® in their creation. Read More


This year we partnered with Grammy Award-winning artist Miri Ben-Ari and her organization The Gedenk Movement to present a brand new award opportunity for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards participants. This new award asked middle and high school students to create original works of art or writing that reflect upon the lessons learned from the Holocaust and other genocides, with the intent to raise awareness of the importance of increasing tolerance to safeguard a peaceful society. In just this first year, we received over 2,500 submissions from creative teens around the country, and six young artists and writers whose work exemplified this mission were presented with the 2014 Gedenk Award for Tolerance along with a cash scholarship sponsored by Gedenk! The Alliance, Miri Ben-Ari, and Gedenk would like to congratulate the winners. They are:

  • Ross Cardillo, Value, Grade 12, Age 18, Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA
  • Alissa Damato, Religious Rifle, Grade 12, Age 18, Centreville High School, Centreville, VA
  • Laura Fennessy, 1942, Grade 10, Age 15, Auburn High School, Auburn, NY
  • Lily Gordon, Reconstruction Wings, Grade 9, Age 14, Bard High School Early College, New York, NY
  • Elodie Nix, Dust, Grade 7, Age 11, John Jay Middle School, Katonah, NY

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For the second year in a row, we asked creative teens around the country to submit boundary-breaking creations incorporating cutting-edge technologies and techniques to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. We received an amazing variety of creations that defied the confines of the Scholastic Awards’ current categories, including 3D design, robotics, and performance art.

Three Future New submissions utilizing 3D Systems’ free 3D design software were awarded $1,000, sponsored by 3D Systems as well as a print of their work made using a top-of-the-line 3D Systems printer! Learn more about this year’s winners below! Read More

Drawing by Xavier Donnelly

Drawing by Xavier Donnelly

Cities—from ancient Athens to Oz to Dubai—capture the imaginations of artists through the ages because of their complexity and creative use of color, form, space, and scale. We asked Xavier Donnelly, 2010 Portfolio Gold Medalist and this summer’s art intern at the Alliance, to elaborate on what draws him to architecture and the urban environment.

Habitats for Humanity: Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by cities and the environments that humanity has designed for itself. All of my artwork – whether it is drawing, sculpture, or other mediums – is highly influenced by architecture and the spaces I observe around me. One of my favorite aspects of architecture is that humans have constructed their own landscape and it is one that is constantly evolving. I love to watch the evolution of architecture as designers create fantastic and unorthodox forms and spaces for us to inhabit. Read More

Today, we’re open for submissions to the 2013 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! Have you been working on a new comic this summer or perhaps trying a new art form or maybe you made your first video game or produced a film or designed a dress or wrote a play? If so, we can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

Last year, we reached an all-time high of 200,000 submissions from talented students across the country. This year, we anticipate even more! There are 28 categories to fulfill your every artistic and literary whim, and we’ll be giving away over a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships and awards! So what are you waiting for? Learn how to submit by clicking here.

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Drake Withers. Uniform Runners. Grade 11, Age 17. 2012 Silver Medal, Photography.

Great flash fiction works the same way as a finely-honed razor: it’s quick, precise and often, cuts deep. A tightly-written piece uses its economy to convey tone, voice, and also to capture a scene that is worth re-examining for its nuances. Seventeen-year-old Peter LaBerge uses this form to his advantage in Again, which earned a Silver Medal in the 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Like a roller-coaster ride, it may make you both breathless while you read it and wanting immediately to return to its first word. Check it out!

She knew he was going back to fight again. She found the confirmation slip from the army this morning, under his coffee mug. She also knew he was hiding it from her. There was a smidge of coffee across the top, which had dried by the time she found it. It resembled blood. Read More