Join Kay WalkingStick and the 2014 National Medalists at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Ceremony LIVE from Carnegie Hall.

With more than 255,000 submissions of original art and writing, the 2014 Scholastic Awards attracted more participants than ever before! To celebrate the achievements of these young artists and writers, National Medalists will be honored at the world-famous Carnegie Hall for our National Ceremony on June 6! Read More

Gold Key Gala at the World Financial Center. Photo by Ronnie Wright.

As we head into summer, we bid farewell to our 2011 season. The last couple of months have been busy and full of excitement with our National Celebration, Carnegie Hall Awards Ceremony, Gold Key Gala, ART.WRITE.NOW. National Exhibition and Alumni Atelier project! We began our season last year with 185,000 submissions of art and writing from across the country and ended our season in late May with 800 National Award winners flocking to New York City for National Events. For a recap of the Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall, click here. But, the fun didn’t end with that very special evening. We still had a lot to come…
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Here at the Alliance we love teachers, students, regional affiliates, artists, writers, curators, editors…and of course, our families. Our families are our first brush with encouragement and inspiration; the people who were there for us when we needed a ride to writing classes; the people we turned to when we needed money for art supplies. Where would we be without them? Poet and Wordsmith Patricia Smith dedicated the following speech to the parents of Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recipients.

It Began (Patricia Smith)

It began.

You lifted your child’s stubby forefinger and touched it to some color-splashed page, traced mountainous As, the dual belly of capital Bs, the clashing crossroads that say X and X again. Back then the letters were just lines, curious back and forths. Read More