Socks, Drawing & Illustration by Phoebe Markiles, Grade 12, Age 17, Windward School, Los Angeles, CA

Socks, Drawing & Illustration by Phoebe Markiles, Grade 12, Age 17, Windward School, Los Angeles, CA

The 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards opened for submissions on September 13!

Join the next generation of great American artists and writers by submitting your work to the Scholastic Awards. Our Alums have gone on to influence and set trends in the literary and art communities—and you can too! It all starts with sharing your work with others. By participating in the Scholastic Awards, you are beginning a creative journey, and we are honored to support you along the way.

Submitting work to the Scholastic Awards is easy! On September 13, you can start your submission process in three steps:

  1. Get the info!
    Deadlines vary by region. Find your local program guidelines and deadlines here.
  2. Create an account!
    Once you’ve made your masterpiece, visit to create your Scholastic Awards account and upload your work. This will be your creativity command center!
  3. Stamp it and Send it!
    Have your submission forms signed by a parent / guardian and an educator, and then mail them off with your submission fee or fee waiver to your local program.

Thousands of students just like you took the plunge and submitted their work to the Scholastic Awards—you can view their works online if you’re looking for some inspiration, but remember originality is key. In almost 100 years, there’s only one thing we’ve never seen: You! And this is all we want!

Be sure to check out our Special Awards for additional scholarship opportunities!

The Scholastic Awards are the nation’s leading source for recognizing the achievements of creative teens, and we want you to be a part of it. For updates about deadlines, notifications, and the latest in art and writing, like our Facebook page.

How to Enter – My Guidelines & Deadlines – Scholarship Opportunities – FAQ

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