Existence of a Black Man in a White Society by

Existence of a Black Man in a White Society by Alec Martinez

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards partner with Bloomberg Philanthropies to present the Best-in-Grade Award, a special award given to creative students in grades 7-12. Two writers and two artists in each grade level are selected for this award, which comes with a $500 cash prize, and all students who submit to the Scholastic Awards are eligible for this special recognition.

We are proud to present the 2017 Best-in-Grade Awardees!

2017 Best-in-Grade Award Recipients

Grade 7

Untitled 2 by Annabelle Aarts Coley

Untitled 2 by Annabelle Aarts Coley

Annabelle Aarts Coley, Untitled 2, Photography. Grade 7, Age 12, BASIS Independent Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY.

Zoe Goldemberg, Shoodwidushu, Fashion. Grade 7, Age 12, Ruth Broad/Bay Harbor K-8 Center, Bay Harbor Islands, FL.

Sunaya D. Mueller, “Conserving Nature by Taking Native Land? America’s National Parks and the Ideals of Democracy,” Critical Essay. Grade 7, Age 12, Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood, NJ.

Hudson Quinn, “Omaha,” Novel. Grade 7, Age 14, St Stephen’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX.

Grade 8

Aaron was Zeke’s best friend of twelve years. They had gotten into a slap fight on the second day of first grade after tying in a race on the playground. They’d been both inseparable and each other’s biggest competitor ever since.

Excerpt from “Remain Where You Are” by Catherine Witherwax

Madelyn Haas, Organic, Photography. Grade 8, Age 13, Hutchinson Middle School, Lubbock, TX.

Makiyah Harris, “The Llovenia Effect”, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Grade 8, Age 13, R B Chamberlin Middle School, Twinsburg, OH.

Sabrina Pan, dream fashion, Fashion. Grade 8, Age 13, Jericho Middle School, Jericho, NY.

Catherine Witherwax, “Remain Where You Are,” Short Story. Grade 8, Age 13, Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn, NY.

Grade 9

Rendezvous at the Vertices by Kyra Mo

Rendezvous at the Vertices by Kyra Mo

Urvashi Deshpande, “Rest in Peace,” Short Story. Grade 9, Age 14, Village High School, Houston, TX.

Skylar Graham, Self Portrait: The Politics of Hair, Photography. Grade 9, Age 14, Harvard-Westlake Middle School, Los Angeles, CA.

Kyra Mo, Rendezvous at the Vertices, Photography. Grade 9, Age 14, Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY.

Akilah Toney, “insecure words.” Poetry. Grade 9, Age 14, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, New Orleans, LA.

Grade 10

Log date: 04/13/2146

It is as it was made to be.

Its designation is the Interactive Surveillance and Data Processing Intelligence, or ISDPI, but the humans who live in its halls have taken to calling it Data. A few jokingly refer to it as “Hal” in the perceived privacy of commons rooms and break areas, but it does not really understand the comparison and does not respond to it. Data is close enough, considering humans seem to thrive off of inaccuracies.

Excerpt from “Genesis” by Hazel Thomas

Alec Martinez, Existence of a Black Man in a White Society, Digital Art. Grade 10, Age 16, Langham Creek High School, Houston, TX.

Susannah Pittman, “Daughter Calls It Done,” Poetry. Grade 10, Age 15, Hastings High School, Hastings Hudson, NY.

Jungah Ellie Soh, Beauty in Corrosion, Painting. Grade 10, Age 16, Peachtree Ridge High School, Suwanee, GA.

Hazel Thomas, “Genesis,” Science Fiction & Fantasy. Grade 10, Age 15, Westfall High School, Williamsport, OH.

Grade 11

Children of Africa by Julia Adkins

Children of Africa by Julia Adkins

Julia Adkins, Children of Africa, Photography. Grade 11, Age 16, Flower Mound High School, Flower Mound, TX.

Kaley Mamo, “No Tragedies,” Flash Fiction. Grade 11, Age 16, John Jay High School, Cross River, NY.

Rachel Schlesinger, Inge, Film & Animation. Grade 11, Age 17, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX.

Ciara Sing, “Cigar Box Secrets,” Poetry. Grade 10, Age 16, Pittsburgh CAPA School, Pittsburgh, PA.

Grade 12

To this day, I am ashamed to admit, but in the midst of all that joy, I felt worthy. Respected. In the eyes of my peers, my culture finally meant something. Even in my own mind, I believed I understood my roots–as if the calls of my ancestors could be found in shimmering satin or Bollywood film.

Excerpt from “abcd: american born confused desi” by Zara Batalvi

Zara Batalvi, “abcd: american born confused desi,” Personal Essay & Memoir. Grade 12, Age 17, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA.

Angela He, Suppressed, Video Game. Grade 12, Age 18, Oakton High School,Vienna, VA.

Maite Nazario, Embedded Heritage, Painting. Grade 12, Age 17, Chattahoochee High School, Johns Creek, GA.

Jamison Rankin, “Five Cigarettes I’ll Probably Buy Again,” Personal Essay & Memoir. Grade 12, Age 17, Goose Creek High School, Goose Greek, SC.

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