Zero Fire by Kathryn Bilharz Gabriel

We know how difficult it is for educators to find the time to work on their own creative projects in addition to teaching, grading, meeting with parents, and supervising school clubs, not to mention maintaining their personal lives. So as an extra show of support to the art educators who applied to the 2016 Golden Educators Residency, Golden Artist Colors generously presented the finalists with gift certificates worth $1,000 each for Golden products.

The educators were overjoyed at receiving the gift certificates. One educator told us that Golden Paints are “my favorite and most used line of product! I use them heavily professionally and I have introduced them more in the classroom.” This experience inspired the educator to take students on a tour of the Golden facility.

For many of the educators, time and money are the biggest obstacles to furthering their personal artistic journeys, so the gift certificates were a welcome surprise! As one of the educators mentioned, “$1000 to spend on quality art supplies was an incredible luxury. I was like a kid in the candy store.”

Another educator revealed to us that teaching “requires many hours of prepping and grading in the evenings and on weekends.” With a busy schedule spent teaching, sponsoring multiple after-school clubs, chairing the department, as well as raising a family and maintaining a home, “most of my studio time is during the summer when I do not teach.” The gift certificate allowed artists who are also educators maintain a balance between the combined roles, and “made it possible for many of us to enhance our practices.”

Supporting educators is important to the Scholastic Awards. We’re fortunate to partner with companies such as Golden Artist Colors to show educators our appreciation for all the effort they put into their classrooms and to encourage them to keep creating beyond the classroom!

Thanks to Golden Artist Colors for their support of the artists within our art educators. Application is now open for the 2017 Golden Educators Residency! For more information and to apply, please visit artandwriting.org/golden. Deadline is April 14, 2017!

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