2016 Golden Educators Residents practicing their craft at the Golden facility in New Berlin, NY

2016 Golden Educators Residents practicing their craft at the Golden facility in New Berlin, NY

For two weeks this past summer, three Scholastic Awards educators participated in the Golden Educators Residency. Besides having time to paint, the educators attended technical workshops, met with other arts organizations in the area, and reignited their passion for their craft. We checked in with the educators to see how the residency has impacted their goals as artists now and for the future.

Bryan Wilson from Charlotte, NC

“Golden introduced me to products that I was immediately able to incorporate into my artistic process. I also got to go home with new paint which is the easiest way to support the creation of new work.”



Jessica Clark from Fairmont, NC

“As an artist I was interested in learning new techniques for mixed media in my work. The technicians were awesome at explaining the different mediums and the effects they can be achieved with each one. Having the boards to take home and use for examples and reference is great, too. It is also helping to further my career as an educator.”



Isaac AlaridPease from Albuquerque, NM

“Being at Golden made me feel like I could “do it”, which has encouraged me to think larger in terms of goals for my art. Having time and receiving attention as an artist has helped me think of myself as an artist more than I have in the past. That confidence can’t be understated. It’s helped me be a stronger teacher in the classroom and has given me a goal to get my painting out into galleries outside of my immediate area.”


We’re thrilled we were able to offer such an amazing opportunity to three deserving educators! Check out more pictures from the 2016 Golden Educators Residency and be sure to follow us on social for news about applying for next year’s residency.


2016 Golden Educators Residency

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