Students who submitted in the fashion and jewelry categories of the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are invited to submit 2D designs of holiday ornaments. Students will have the chance to have their design transformed into a small, 3D ornament and distributed to Neiman Marcus stores across the country at the end of 2016. The student who submits the winning design will also:

  • Work with a professional sculptor to translate the 2D design into a 3D design.
  • Be featured in Neiman Marcus’s national publication, the book, which reaches more than 250,000 of its customers.
  • Have their signature on the back of the ornament, along with the Neiman Marcus logo.
  • Receive a $1,000 scholarship!

Ornaments 2

Twenty years ago, artist and silversmith Emilia Castello created the original set of ornaments which consisted of Christmas trees, a Star of David, an angel, and a wreath.

See below for submission guidelines, design specifications, and how to submit. When you send in your submission, don’t forget to include your submission form! Check out this PDF for more details about the contest and to review the submission form.

Winners will be announced via email on March 4.

Good luck!

Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline: All designs and submission forms must be submitted to Neiman Marcus no later than 5:00 pm CST Monday, February 15. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • Submission Form Required: Find the submission form here. All sections of the form must be completed for consideration.
  • Submission Limit: Each student is limited to one submission.
  • Eligibility: We are especially pleased to offer this wonderful opportunity to students who participated in the 2016 Scholastic Awards in the fashion and jewelry categories. All students, however, are welcome to submit a design.

How to Submit

Design Specifications

  • The ornament may have depth and can be nestled into the bow or hanging from the bow by a ribbon.
  • If attaching to the bow, the back of the finished piece must be able to accommodate a “frog” clip.
  • Size restrictions: the ornament cannot sit higher than 1.75″ off the package and can be no larger than 3″ in diameter.
  • The finished piece will be fabricated in a nickel-plated alloy.
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