Ford Town, USA 1960 by Laurel Taylor. Age 16, Grade 11, Cincinnati, OH.

Duck Tape® has always been known as a fix-all for DIY repairs, but with the addition of colors and prints this once utilitarian tool has quickly become a craft medium that is both unique and accessible. Sponsored by Duck Tape®, this award encourages new forms of creativity, individuality and personal expression. One award of $500 is presented to a student that expresses their artistic skills using Duck Tape® in their creation.

The 2014 Duck Tape® Brand Award goes to Laurel Taylor for her piece Ford Town, USA 1960. Laurel uses the crosshatch technique while creating her masterpieces. She goes through dozens of blades in the process of cutting out the image, often while listening to books on tape. Laurel also took home the 2013 Duck Tape® Brand Award for her piece Flora Mae, and you can listen to a great audio clip of Laurel talking about the piece here!

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Detail of Ford Town, USA 1960 by Laurel Taylor


Detail of Ford Town, USA 1960 by Laurel Taylor

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