Martha Hughes, Rooms #1, acrylic on panels, 27 panels, 40 x 114″

Deep in the heart of Texas, Awards alum Martha Hughes has a new show at the Marfa Book Company in desert and artist’s oasis Marfa, Texas. The show, called “New Paintings: Scenes and Rooms” runs through the end of March and it’s a big, bright installation that started small: the canvases that inspired it measure 12 inches square. But for the show itself, housed in the minimalist gallery at the Book Company, boasts canvases that measure 6 feet by 6 feet—and Martha would have painted them larger if she had her druthers!

Last year the prestigious Lannan Foundation acquired 52 paintings in a “Timelapse” series in which she painted the same room (her kitchen) for 52 consecutive days. Looking at them is a bit like playing that game in an old Highlights magazine, “Spot the Difference,” but in a mysterious, parallel universe. Hear Martha talk about her work, creativity and her daily practice to feed her creative energies in this interview on Marfa Public Radio!


Martha Hughes, Timelapse: Comfort Texas, March/April 1982, acrylic on panel,
each 8 x 10 inches, 1982/2008


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