The Black Cloth #2 by Brannon Dorsey (Photography)

Teen writers! The Adroit Journal, founded by multiple Scholastic Awards winner Peter LaBerge, has a great opportunity for you to have your work published! Learn about their 2013 Adroit Prizes in Fiction and Verse below from Peter himself. But act fast – the deadline to submit your writing is Wednesday, May 1!

Hi! My name is Peter LaBerge. When I am not writing, I am evaluating writing—for The Adroit Journal, the print charitable literary publication that I founded in November of my sophomore year. At its foundation, The Adroit Journal offers young writers from around the world the unique opportunity not only to submit work for publication alongside established writers, but also to participate in the evaluation process themselves, as part of the journal’s staff of 52 readers and editors.

The journal has received over 4,500 submissions of writing and art for consideration, and has produced 6 issues of work from emerging and established writers alike (check out the latest issue here!). One way through which we continue to support the literary development of emerging writers is through the 2013 Adroit Prizes in Fiction and Verse, which are awarded to 2 students of secondary or undergraduate status or age (early graduation is acceptable) whose fiction or poetry ‘inspires the masses to believe beyond the feeling of the work.’

This year, the 2013 Adroit Prize in Verse will be selected by Garth Greenwell, and the 2013 Adroit Prize in Fiction will be selected by Marlin Barton! Last year, we received over 400 submissions and recognized 10 submissions with recipient, runner-up, and honorable mention recognition status—many of whom found us through the Scholastic Awards! We hope to run another successful year of the prizes year this year.

Here’s where you come in: Submit to the prizes by visiting our website or our submission manager for more info. All prize submissions should be made through the 2013 Adroit Prize in Verse – Poetry and 2013 Adroit Prize in Fiction – Fiction categories. Please also consider liking us on Facebook or following us on Tumblr!

Important Pre-Submission Notes (FAQ):

-All submissions from writers of high school and college age will be considered for the awards, regardless of institutional status (or lack thereof)–as long as submitted according to the guidelines.
-Submissions of poetry and fiction, if there are multiple from the same young author, should be submitted individually. Please put the title of each individual poem in the “Title” text box.
-You can submit poetry, fiction, art/photography, and “other” writing to us simultaneously, but please keep in mind that there are limits with respect to each genre (i.e. please don’t send us 3,219 poems in one sitting!).
-We are A-OK with considering work that has been posted on writing sites such as Figment and Movellas, and/or that has been recognized nationally or regionally in the past by the Scholastic Awards.
-Once you hear from us with an editorial decision on the work you submitted, you can then resubmit up to six works of poetry, one short story, one piece of “other” writing, etc.

Thank you for your support and interest.  We look forward to considering your work!

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