Here at the national office, we’ve been very busy processing Northeast Art Region-at-Large submissions, and are currently working with a group of exceptional artists (some of whom are past Scholastic Award winners) to adjudicate all the works we’ve received. We feel very grateful for all of the interns who’ve been helping us throughout the process. All of them are artists and writers too! Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience working here:

“Since winning a Portfolio Gold award for Writing in my senior year, I’ve always felt indebted to the Scholastic Awards program for the opportunities they’ve provided me by giving me an award. I’ve seen many entries from extremely talented students go through the submission process this year. I appreciate the feeling I get from knowing that I’m helping these students reach their goal, and hope they’ll achieve the same thing I did, which was more than I ever expected.” – Amanda Unger (2011 Portfolio Gold Medalist for Writing)

“From Portfolio Gold Medalist to Intern, I’ve had amazing experiences with both sides of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The weekend of National Events may only last a few days (a few amazing days!), but the process of getting there is a year-long, and it’s been such an exciting experience to see the “behind the scenes” of the Scholastic Awards. Seeing the hundreds of thousands of entries flow into the office and getting to work with the enthusiastic and creative team reaffirms just how special my award was and how unique of a recognition program this is.” – Chelsea Borsack (2012 Portfolio Gold Medalist for Art)

“It’s really gratifying to work for the Alliance. Honestly, as a writer myself, I really enjoy getting to meet creative teens where they are, scanning their work and making sure it’s all there. It’s just a little thing, but somehow I really feel like I’m helping someone in an easy way, like I’m really playing a part.” – Nicholas Feitel (Writer, Performer, NYU Tisch ’09 )

We congratulate all of the creative teens who’ve pushed themselves to submit to the 2013 Scholastic Awards! Visit your regional affiliate page (by entering your school’s zip code at the top right-hand corner) to see when regional award winners will be notified. Good luck!

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