Ryan Miller. The Tape Murder!! Grade 11, Age 16. 2012 Regional Gold Key, Mixed Media. Materials: Duck tape and electrical tape.

Duck Tape® has always been known as a fix-all for DIY repairs, but with the addition of colors and prints it is quickly becoming a unique and accessible tool for creating new works of art. This year, we’ve partnered with them to provide teens in grades 7-12 with the opportunity to express their artistic skills through 2 new Awards:

The Duck Tape® Mixed Media Award will present 5 students with a $500 Award for their national Gold Medal winning works in the Mixed Media category.

Plus, the Duck Tape® Brand Award will present 1 student with a $500 Award for a work of art made specifically with Duck Tape® brand duct tape.


To learn more about these two new awards and how to submit, click here.

Over the years, the Scholastic Awards have seen an increase in the number of art submissions made with duct tape. Click through the slideshow below for some examples of duck tape art by regional award-winning students from the 2011 and 2012 Scholastic Awards. We hope they provide you with inspiration to create your own original artwork using duct tape!


Note: Work submitted to the Mixed Media category need not incorporate Duck Tape® brand duct tape to qualify for the Duck Tape® Mixed Media Award, although it certainly could. Work judged for the Duck Tape® Brand Award, however, must incorporate Duck Tape® brand duct tape.

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