Today, we’re open for submissions to the 2013 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! Have you been working on a new comic this summer or perhaps trying a new art form or maybe you made your first video game or produced a film or designed a dress or wrote a play? If so, we can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

Last year, we reached an all-time high of 200,000 submissions from talented students across the country. This year, we anticipate even more! There are 28 categories to fulfill your every artistic and literary whim, and we’ll be giving away over a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships and awards! So what are you waiting for? Learn how to submit by clicking here.

For 90 years, the Awards have recognized the exceptional vision of our nation’s most talented teens, and this year you could be one of them! Join the ranks of alumni such as Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Joyce Carol Oates, Ned Vizzini, Zac Posen and many more.

Richard Avedon called winning his Scholastic Award in 1941, “the defining moment of my life”. “Being recognized meant that little pat on the back, the sense of confidence that I could enter a life that I loved, and I had someone behind me say, ‘This is okay.’”

Let your creative voice be heard, and submit your work to the 2013 Awards!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ. We can’t wait to see what remarkable works are submitted this year!



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  2. Margaret

    Help. I can’t find the age restrictions. Are there any?

  3. All teens in grades 7 through 12 can apply!

  4. metaknightrules

    is there a pize for wining?

  5. Yes! Visit our FAQ page at and go down to the “Scholarships” section.

  6. Haley Monson

    I won a silver key last year. This competition will not disappoint you.

  7. Aww, thanks for the props Haley!

  8. Anonymous

    For the students who want to submit portfolios their senior year, can they use a piece that they won a medal for in previous years?

  9. Seniors may resubmit works submitted in a previous Scholastic Awards competition as part of their Art or Writing Portfolio, but should note the previous title and award.

  10. Alexandra Travnik

    When is the deadline?? I’m working as fast as I can!!!

  11. Janelle

    Wish you had a flyer that I could distribute to students explaining about the contest, deadlines in it (or could be added on by student or teacher), etc. This would also be good for parents to understand all about the contest.

  12. Great to hear that you’re submitting to the Awards! Deadlines vary by region from December 15, 2012 to January 15, 2013. Find your region here: And, learn more about how to submit here:

  13. Katrina

    How do we get the parent consent forms for the writing categories?

  14. nicole

    is there a date yet as to when the award show will be?

  15. Cheri

    I can’t find the photo release form. Where is it? Thanks

  16. Erica

    I have a student that is interested in submitting his artwork. We have both tried to create an account online but our school does not show up as in the program or out of it. I have sent two requests to get our school recognized, but nothing seems to be working and the deadline is quickly approaching. What do I do?

  17. You can find the Photo Release Form for the photography category here:

  18. Mallika

    I’m not sure where to find the form that my parents are supposed to sign. Where is it?

  19. Judith Reeve

    I am an art instructor at a private high school and I would like to know if there are any special requirements in order to submit the work of my students.

  20. Victoria

    This may be random, but for the art submissions, do we need to actually mail in our art?

  21. Hi Victoria, please visit our “How To Submit Your Work” page: You do not have to mail in your art.

  22. Hi Judith, your students must be enrolled in:

    Grades 7 – 12
    A public, private, parochial, home-school or out of school program
    The U.S., Canada, or in an American school abroad

    From what you’ve mentioned, it sounds like they meet the requirements. To learn more about how to submit, visit:

  23. The national Awards Ceremony will be held on May 31. We’ll provide more information as the ceremony gets closer. Thanks!

  24. Hi Alexandra, deadlines vary by region from December 15, 2012 to January 15, 2013. Find your region here to learn more:


  25. Yes they can!

  26. Mallika and Katrina, students need to register, upload their work and indicate that they are done. Then and only then they’ll be prompted to print out their registration form which their parents will sign. Hope that helps!

  27. Hi Erica – Please have the student contact his or her affiliate for assistance, by email and phone if possible. Students and teachers can also call the help line and we will help register the school. Hope that helps!

  28. Brittany

    I’m trying to apply, but I’m having trouble finding my school. I have put both school name and zip code. Help!

  29. HI Brittany – what’s the name of your school and zip code. We’ll try to look it up here on our end.

  30. Pat

    My private school only allows photo submissions if from students officially enrolled in an art class. However, there is only one elective allowed and I am a singer and take chorus. However, I have a love of photography and pictures i would like to submit. Can I submit without being school sponsored? The school says it has a limit so it limits it to art students whether their work is more exceptional or not.

  31. Pat

    Re question above/ already submitted: I traveled to third world countries through a Foundation that sets up work in orphanages and schools for teenagers. Since I took my photographs while doing work for this Foundation, can this program sign as the “teacher” rather than my school teacher who will refuse because I am not in art class?

  32. Hi Pat – It is definitely OK to have the foundation sign as a teacher, but you’ll need to request for that foundation to be added as an out of school program so that our Online Registration System doesn’t credit your day school. Does that make sense? If you have further questions, feel free to contact

  33. sara salvi

    Can a student revise a piece once it has been uploaded?

  34. Hi Sara – For an art category, the student can delete and re-upload a new piece, but not for writing.

  35. Jesse

    I can not find the parental consent forms anywhere1 Can someone peace point me in the direction in which this might be located? Thanks for you’re time!

  36. Soyoon Kim

    Hello! I’ve sent several emails to Scholastic Art and Writing yet I haven’t received any replies as of yet. I wanted to ask when new out of school programs are usually accepted by the website? I requested to add a new out of school program (Wave Art Academy). Please reply as soon as you can! Thank you for your help.

  37. Maya

    Can I send in more than one piece of work in the same envelope?

  38. Hi Jesse – Students need to register online (, upload their work and indicate that they are done. Then and only then will they be prompted to print out their registration form which their parents will sign. Hope that helps!

  39. Hi Maya – Please check with your regional Scholastic Awards program about this: Most of our regional affiliates do not accept physical works — only those that are uploaded to the Scholastic Awards Online Registration System here:

  40. Hi Soyoon – Please check again. Wave Art Academy has been added. Thanks!

  41. Katie

    Hi, I just found a silly error in my title capitalization,but the website won’t let me fix it since I already uploaded my short story piece! Is there anything I can do?

  42. Katie

    Hi, I found out how to correct my title! Yay! All I needed to do was correct the title, then click another box. If I didn’t click another box, the title would not change.

  43. Tye

    If the deadline is Jan. 15, does that mean the mail has to reach there by or before the 15th?

  44. Hi Tye – It needs to reach there BY the 15th.

  45. Romaissaa

    What happens if you send the applications in a day late? I mean, what if your work is already online because you registered on time but your forms are sent in a day late?

  46. Rom

    What happens if you registered on time but mailed your applications a day past the postmarked date?

  47. Louis

    Hello. I though that the writing deadline for Region-at-Large was January 14. Apparently, I was mistaken. Is there any way that I can still submit my work?


  48. Rom – You still qualify as long as your work was already in the system by the deadline. No worries :)

  49. Unfortunately, no. You won’t be able to submit your work online once the deadline has passed. We hope you’ll apply next year though! Sorry about that.

  50. ashlyn

    it wont let me upload! i keep getting a http 407 error!

  51. Ashlyn – Sorry to get back to you only now. The comments section of our blog is not the best place to contact us about issues with submitting work. You will get a faster answer by reaching out to your regional affiliate or Are you still having trouble uploading your work?

  52. abigayle

    is there an age limit for the novel writing? what exactly is the deadline? is there an age limit for that one?and i live in singapore-how do we get it to NY????

  53. Abigayle – Here’s more info on our Novel Writing category:

  54. Steven

    Hey! Okay so I submitted a film to scholastic in which I purchased a royalty-free song (and license that went with it). I just wanted to make sure that this was allowed. I am aware that copyright music is absolutely prohibited, however I did obtain a proper liscense and all that! Thanks!

  55. I
    s there a prize for winning?

  56. Hi Steven, sounds like you did the right thing, so you’re fine. Thanks for asking!

  57. Yes! Learn more about our scholarships and prizes here: There are a ton!

  58. Cameron Liquori

    Hi, I entered my piece, and I would like to know when the winners will be posted! So nervous and excited!

  59. Sneeha

    When will I find out whether I won or not?

  60. Hi Cameron – To find out the regional winners for your region, please contact your regional program here:

  61. You’ll need to contact your regional program to see if you’ve won a regional award:

  62. Risa

    Hi there,
    I won a regional silver key award but have only been told this by my teacher. Will I personally receive any notification with more information, such as what I will receive?

  63. Cameron Liquori

    I am FREAKING out! I won an honorable mention for my piece, and this is my first year doing i! This is amazing… next year, I’ll do even better! Thank you, judges!

  64. Hi Risa, Congrats! If you participated through your local community, your regional program will contact you regarding regional award notifications. Visit if you submitted your work through Region-at-Large.

  65. That’s AWESOME! Congratulations! We can’t wait for you to apply again next year.

  66. Anonymous

    If you submit a portfolio, can single works be given awards from your portfolio?

  67. Miranda

    I won a regional gold key on a poem sumbission. As far as my understanding goes, that means it will be automatically submitted for consideration on a national level. Any ideas yet as to when the results from that will be available?

  68. You must enter single works from your portfolio separately into the appropriate categories for them to be judged as single works on their own. If you don’t do that, and just enter them all into a portfolio to our Art or Writing Portfolio category, it will be judged as a whole (not separately).

  69. Miranda – Congratulations! Yes, your Gold Key-winning poem will be automatically submitted for consideration on the national level. National Awards will be announced mid/late March on our website.

  70. Kayla

    Hi, I was wondering when or where the winners list will be posted? And how to find out if you made it or not? Thanks,

  71. Kayla – Please find regional results here: National winners will be announced on our website on March 15.

  72. Cara

    Where is the lost of schools that are participating?

  73. Cara

    *list, sorry!

  74. Cara – To find your regional program, use the “Find Your Region” tool in the right-hand column of this page: Enter your school’s zip code and select whether you submitted art or writing. Submissions are closed for the 2013 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Submissions for the 2014 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards will open in September, 2013. Please make sure to check back and review your regional guidelines for specific instructions on how to submit this fall. Also make sure to check our blog throughout the summer for updates about The Awards, profiles on our the 2013 Scholastic Awards winners, writing and art challenges and a host of other exciting news!

  75. A round of applause for your post.Truly thank you! Amazing.

  76. Sihaam Naik

    Uh when will the results be put up????? of 2013 writing awards???

  77. Sabrina

    is it okay to submit more than one piece?

  78. Yes! It’s definitely okay to submit more than one piece. By the way, the 2014 Awards program is now open – learn about it here:

  79. Stephanie Dovale

    Lets say you want to submit a couple of pieces for any of the art categories.Is it O.K to submit in work by yourself (with parents consent), without involving a teachers consent?

  80. Hi Stephanie – A student can login to the Online Registration System, create a profile, and upload work on their own as long as they have their teacher’s full name and email. After registering online, the student must print out the paper submission form, and a teacher or administrator must review and sign the form. Hope that helps! If you have further questions, please email

  81. Kait

    Are there any size restrictions on installations?

  82. Maya

    Hi, can you tell me the deadline for this year?

  83. Yasmin

    Hi,I was wondering if someone could tell me more about submitting my art pieces. Do I have to scan it or can I just take a high-quality photo of it?

    Also, is it $5 per work submitted?

  84. Hi Maya – deadlines vary by region. You can find your local deadline here: Please email if you have more questions. Thanks!

  85. Hi Kait – Please refer to your regional guidelines for size limitations for your local region: Thanks!

  86. Hi Yasmin – You can take a high-quality photo of it. There’s a wonderful tutorial that we recommend on photographing artwork for submissions on our Resources page under “Helpful Links”:

    Yes, it’s $5 per individual submission and $20 per portfolio submission, unless stated differently in your region’s guidelines, where you can find here: If you have additional questions – please email

  87. Yasmin


    Thanks so much for the fast reply. It cleared my confusion. Thank you. :)

  88. Jon

    For my region it says that poems need to be “Each submission may consist of 1–5 poems, which will be judged as a collection. Students may submit more than one collection, but must register each separately. ” What does it meant that one must register each separately. Does it mean create a new account or just “add another work” onto submissions page/account? Thanks.

  89. Jon

    I have a question regarding submissions. The rules say that poems need to “Each submission may consist of 1–5 poems, which will be judged as a collection. Students may submit more than one collection, but must register each separately.” What exactly does ‘register’ each mean? Does it mean create a new account or just “add works” onto one account?

  90. Tricia

    Question on submitting portions of a graphic novel…if I have 8 panels on an 8-1/2 x 11 page, should that be uploaded as a single image, or should each panel be uploaded separately? Thanks much.

  91. Kimberly

    I can’t find information about a poetry contest for middle school (4-8) students. Does Scholastic sponsor a contest for this group and what is the link for info on the upcoming event?

  92. Hi Kimberly – Yes, we have a poetry category: All of our categories (except for art and writing portfolios) are for students in grades 7-12. For guidelines and deadlines, check your local Scholastic Awards affiliate here If you have additional questions, please email Good luck!

  93. Hi Tricia – We’d recommend that each panel be uploaded separately since our Comic Art category allows for multiple images to be uploaded for one work, and so judges are able to see more detail when they adjudicate the work. If you have additional questions please email Thanks!

  94. Hi Jon – This means that each separate submission (up to five poems for a poetry collection, or just one poem if they wish) will need to be added as a ‘new work’ within the one student account. You do not need to create a new account, only upload the poems as a new work/submission. Hope that helps! If you have further questions, please email Thanks!

  95. Alexis

    I would like to submit a portfolio that includes works that received awards in the past. I have since modified them. Should I still note the award or are they considered different since they were changed a bit.

  96. Debbi

    Is there a limit to the number of poetry collections you can submit?

  97. Alexandra Mae

    Would math poetry (involving pretty specific math terminology) be better suited for the regular poetry pool, or for the Future New category?
    Also, is there a maximum number of collections a student can submit?
    Thank you.

  98. michelle

    Question about submitting writing:
    After I post the story from word document, from the review I found the format has been changed, such as
    (1)Some paragraph lost indent,
    (2)Some subtitle’s align has been changed from center to left
    (3)There are some empty rows lost.

    In “manage work” page, I clicked uploaded button within the actions column and tried to edit from there again. I can manually add indent which means space key works, but I cannot use the center button within the tool bar( It does not greyed out, but it does not work). I cannot add an empty row between paragraphs either, no matter how many times I press the enter key from my keyboard. Can you help me? Thank you!

  99. EWlaine Goldstein

    My students have been involved in the Scholastic Art Awards for the last few years. I reregistered since I couldn’t find my name. Haven’t heard from you about my new registration. When will I know and will you e-mail me. The students are waiting to register on line. Time is getting short.
    Artstudio 58 zip 02067

  100. Jordan

    I want to submit, but the piece I would like to use I need for my quality section for my AP portfolio and I also have to send it to College Board in May; when would I get my artwork back?

  101. HI Jordan,

    You will not need to mail us your artwork until you are notified of winning a National Gold Medal (first you must win a regional gold key). If you do win a Gold Medal, we will have your piece for two years as it will be displayed and possibly on tour.

  102. You do not need approval to register as an educator, though all educators must create new profiles every year. For any other questions please send an email to

  103. HI Michelle,

    There are sometimes formatting issues when copy and pasting from Word. We recommend using text edit or notepad (the generic program on your computer) to copy and past your work without losing formatting. If you’re still having issues, please email for more help!

  104. HI Alexandra,

    The math poem sounds like the perfect Future New submission! There is also no limit on the poetry submissions you can upload!

  105. Typically there is no limit, but I would check your regional guidelines to be sure!

  106. Hi Alexis – I recommend noting that in the work sources section. Thanks!

  107. Arianna

    Hi, I’ve won a few regional awards throughout the years but I misplaced some of them, is there a list somewhere of the regional winners from 2011 and 2012 so I can check and make sure how many of each award I got that specific year? I need the information asap for a college application. Thank you.

  108. Chana

    Maybe I’m just being a total idiot, but my entry is refusing to copy-paste from Word. I really don’t feel like retyping 3000 words. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

  109. Joe'l

    I need to edit some information on a photo i have printed the forms for.It will not let me click and open any of the boxes when I try. All i’m trying to is describe the photo. Do I delete it re-upload and if so how do i do that?

  110. Ayun Halliday

    My son is homeschooled and the only ‘teacher’ to supervise the work he will be submitting was me. Am I correct that I cannot be named as the educator on my son’s application? He does take a writing class with an educator who works exclusively with the homeschool community. Do you recommend asking her to serve as the educator named on this application?

  111. Thanks for your comment! We understand the difficulties with crediting educators for home school students and you can be listed as both the educator and the guardian in this situation.

  112. Thanks for your comment. Once the submission forms and fees have been checked in for work you will no longer be able to edit that submission. Please do not delete your image! If you would like assistance editing your submission, please email!

  113. Sorry for the trouble! Formatting from Microsoft Word can sometimes cause issues. We recommend pasting from either Notepad or Text Edit for an easier time uploading.

  114. Hi Arianna, we do not have a listing of past regional Awards available to the public, but if you email we will be happy to work with you to provide the information you need!

  115. Ellee

    Hi! I’d like to ask is it ok to submit more than one piece in the same category for short stories? Thank you in advance!

  116. Kelsey

    Hi! I was wondering when you find out if your piece won a gold key or anything???

  117. Mara

    I’m freaking out! I just found a typo on my memoir, after I had submitted. It was a little thing, “I” instead of “It”. I double and triple checked (and even got my friends to check) and it still got away from me…Does this mean that my submission is guaranteed not to succeed? It just seems so awful to be done in by such a little thing.

  118. Logan

    I was curious as to when the results would be up for the writing. My teachers would like to know and since I’m graduating soon, I was just curious as to what the date was. Thank you.

  119. All regional Award announcements will be made Friday, January 31. National Medalists will be announced March 17!

  120. No need to worry, things like simple typos are common and will not be held against the author.

  121. Hello! All regional Award announcements will be made Friday, January 31. National Medalists will be announced March 17!

  122. Hello, multiple submissions in categories is OK!

  123. Kelly

    Hi! I was wondering if there’s already an official date set for the National Ceremony. I know several students who have been awarded (often multiple) gold keys, but will not be able participate in the ceremony if it is late Friday evening or on Saturday.

    Also, about how many gold key portfolios were there this year?

  124. National Events will be June 5-7 this year!

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