Mel Bochner, Amazing!, 2011. Courtesy of Peter Freeman, Inc.

The National Gallery of Art’s “In the Tower” exhibition series celebrates developments in art since the mid-century. On view now through April 8, 2012, the series plays host to 43 thesaurus-inspired paintings and drawings that span 45 years of Mel Bochner’s career, many of which are on view for the very first time.

Mel Bochner (Scholastic Awards winner, 1958) is best-known for his groundbreaking work in conceptual art, creating pieces that compel the viewer to look, read and think simultaneously.

He will be at the gallery on Wednesday, November 9th at 3:30 PM to discuss the new exhibit featuring his famous Portraits series of the 1960’s; the thesaurus paintings Money, Die, Useless, Obscene and Sputter; his new monochrome painting (Blah, Blah, Blah); and four major diptychs that have never before been exhibited (Master of the Universe, Oh Well, Amazing! and Babble).

To learn more, visit: “In the Tower: Mel Bochner”.

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