Primary Role:
Michael works as the Assistant of Art & Production at the Alliance. He lends his help in the design and production of printed and web-based materials, including designing annual publications like SPARK and The Best Teen Writing.

Secret Fact: Michael is a vegan and loves to experiment with new recipes and learning to cook foods from various cultures.

Michael: I was born and raised in Brooklyn and went to Abraham Lincoln High School where I studied art and photography. While I was in high school I entered competitions like the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, who recognized my work in ’05, ’06 and ’07. I was also involved in running track as well as taking AP science courses, which I was all equally passionate about.

Once I graduated I began my college education at Adelphi University and spent a year studying Biology on a pre-med track. I left after a year because I realized that I missed having art and creativity as a major element in my life. I then transferred to Brooklyn College and began interning at institutions like 3rd Ward in Williamsburg. It wasn’t long before I reconnected with the Alliance and I was taken on as a part-time intern. After a few months of working with the Programs department, I was hired as the Assistant of Art & Design with External Relations.

While working at the Alliance I’m completing my education in Art History and Visual Culture Studies. It has been an amazing last few years because in school I can satisfy my urge to be academic and continue learning about art while having a creative outlet at my job!

Working at the Alliance is a constant inspiration while getting to work alongside incredible and talented individuals; I am learning the ins and outs of non-profit operations and the print production end of my designs – not to mention every year meeting the amazingly talented students at Carnegie Hall!

I still run in Prospect Park and take as many courses in psychology, chemistry and mathematics that I can fit into my course schedule. While there have been major changes in my life since high school, my passions have stayed the same!

Advice to Young Artists & Writers: Be creative every day! And always try new creative adventures, even if you’re a visual artist try taking dance classes or immersing yourself in writing and literature.

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