The Alliance and Science Buddies are long-time friends! We applaud their incredible work connecting students and teachers with innovative projects and wanted to hand over the spotlight for them to tell you about some exciting new opportunities!

Science Buddies:

Trying to inspire and excite students about science with little or no money? Curious about ways to turn a student’s love for video games or programming into a legitimate science project? Struggling to fit student “invention” into the steps of the Scientific Method? Wondering about meeting student curiosity about forensics and biotechnology with limited lab resources?

Today’s teachers are challenged, more than ever before, with meeting curriculum requirements for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). One of the key factors of success often lies in finding innovative, creative, and hands-on approaches to helping students actively explore science topics through in-class, at-home, group, and independent projects. At Science Buddies, we believe that every student can succeed with science! Science is in everything we do—from cooking to growing a garden to animating a film to understanding “big” issues related to energy, the environment, and medicine. Finding ways to tap into a student’s existing hobbies is one way to spark interest and curiosity in a science project, and with over 1000 Project Ideas in more than 30 areas of science, Science Buddies can help match students up with projects they may really enjoy!

Our Professional Development Webinar for Teachers on Sept. 14 offers educators a guided walkthrough of the Science Buddies website and resources. This introduction to Science Buddies will highlight ways you can use Science Buddies with your students to empower, encourage, and support science exploration. This year, we will also be introducing a new set of resources devoted to video and computer game design. Capitalizing on a student’s love of the video game format can launch a creative science or engineering project, one that also meets core curriculum objectives! Join us for our free, one-hour webinar!

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Science Buddies:

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