Shelby Grubbs, Age 17, El Honor no Compra Carne en el Mercado, Painting, Gibsonia, PA, 2010 Winner

This July, some of the biggest names in poetry will join forces with teachers from across the nation when the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Poetry Society of America and the National Writing Project present the Summer Poetry Institute in New York City. Held July 5 – 8, 2011, the Institute will convene English teachers of grades 7 – 12 who are self-identified poetry writers and a roster of renowned poets to focus on the craft of poetry, classroom instruction and community involvement. 

The Summer Poetry Institute champions poetry teaching as a time-honored approach to learning and will present practical ways that teachers can incorporate poetry reading and writing into classroom instruction while inspiring their own personal work. Morning General Sessions, afternoon breakout sessions, and evening outings make up the structure of the Institute. Participating poets include Kimiko Hahn, Hettie Jones, Dennis Nurkse, Aracelis Girmay, Patricia Smith, Jean Valentine, Tina Chang, Lee Briccetti, Cornelius Eady and more!

Click here to apply to attend the Summer Poetry Institute. Deadline is February 18.

This project continues the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards’ long-established history of encouraging youth to write and appreciate poetry. Langston Hughes and other noted poets have served on the Awards’ panel of judges over the years, bringing established professionals in touch with emerging voices. Since the Awards’ establishment in the early 1920s, the Poetry category has increased the public’s awareness of young poets and given poetic students a platform to express their views, dreams and inspirations.

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