2010 Best Teen Writing, edited by Jared Dummit.

The Best Teen Writing of 2010 is now available!

The Best Teen Writing is an annual anthology published by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers with generous support from Amazon.com. And it’s not called The Best Teen Writing for nothing – the poems, science fiction stories, nonfiction and short stories within have been written, edited and selected by teens. Since 2003, the book has been edited by a Writing Portfolio Gold Medalist and includes a diverse selection of writing from each category of the Awards.

For students struggling with writer’s block, finding inspiration can be as simple as reading the words of their peers. This year’s anthology brings reports from the frontlines of the recession, ghost stories, tales from waffle houses, memoirs from around the world and original poetry. According to this year’s Best Teen Writing of 2010 editor and 2009 Writing Portfolio Gold Medalist Jared Dummit: “It only takes the very tip of an iceberg to create beauty, shape the environment, and change history. In spite of its size, this book has the same awesome power. This sampling of writing is the small – perhaps too small – portion that has reached the surface and found its way to you. I invite you to sail fearlessly straight toward it, to follow these young men and women into that uncertain library. Be careful, remember what lurks beneath the surface, and allow your breath to be taken away.”

That’s exactly what we were going to say.

Download it here, or buy your copy on Amazon.com.

All proceeds go directly to support aspiring young writers.

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