Author and Scholastic Writing Award alumnus Ned Vizzini’s first novel, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, is being adapted into a movie by Focus Features and will be released this October. The story is inspired by events in the author’s own life.

ONE READER ASKED: Can writers choose the actors who appear in movies about their books? Did you get to choose the actor who plays you in your movie?

NED SAID: No, writers do not get to choose the actors who appear in films based on their books. Those decisions are made by a casting director, whose name you see in the credits of the film — and that’s okay! It’s the writer’s job to write a good book. It’s the casting director’s job to pick the best cast.

So, in my case, I did not pick Keir Gilchrist to play Craig Gilner in It’s Kind of a Funny Story. (And just to clarify — Keir plays Craig Gilner, not me! Craig Gilner is based on me but he’s fictional.) But I am thrilled that he was chosen because I think he does a great job.

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story. K.C. Bailey – 2010, Focus Features.

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