’Twas the week before the Carnegie Award Ceremony, and all through the nation,
Teen artists and writers were waiting in anticipation.
Medals gold and silver were hung in the Alliance’s offices with care,
In hopes that the next generation of Warhols and Plaths would soon be there.

These teachers and teens had worked hard, in studios and classes,
For the moment when they would stand on stage before masses.
At the June 9 ceremony itself, there would be readings, performances and speeches quite witty;
And the entire day would belong to The Awards (as proclaimed by the Mayor of New York City!)

That very night, the Empire State Building would be lit all in gold,

In honor of creative achievement, for the entire city to behold.
At the World Financial Center, the national exhibition of student art and writing would be installed to perfection,
And 5PM on Thursday June 10 would be the opening reception.

So this week, as Award-winning teachers and students sleep snug in their beds,
While visions of book deals and art sales dance in their heads;
None waits more happily than the Alliance staff for the joy, the smiles and even the sobs;
We’re especially grateful to these teens and these teachers, for it’s because of them that we have jobs.

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