It inspired the world’s first commercially successful video game, and has been credited with helping to ease tensions between the United States and People’s Republic of China during the 1970s. Ping Pong’s noble origins are probably why we chose Spin NYC, a table tennis club, as the site of our spring “friend raiser.”

Most people have heard of fundraisers. A fundraising event can be anything from a school bake sale, a performance, a dinner or even a party – anything that involves gathering donations or support for a particular cause. But nonprofits need more than just donations – just as important is all the encouragement we get from volunteers and supporters who want to get involved and who believe in our mission as much as we do. So a “friend raiser” or cultivation event is what nonprofits like us do to get to know more people, tell them about our cause and reconnect with old friends.

And while we love to talk about our mission (which for this evening also included playing a few rounds of table tennis) to encourage teen artists and writers, we also like to see people have a good time. Alumna Hannah Jones (2004) read some 2010 Award-winning work, singer-songwriter and former Alliance Affiliate Coordinator Grace McLean wrote a song inspired by The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and even Susan Sarandon also stopped by to say hello.

Photo credits: Dominic Matar/Matt Boyd

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